Information Compendium

Please download our information compendium - a quick source of answers to many commonly asked questions as well as rules and conditions that apply to your stay with us.

Below is also a group bond collection policy:

A bond of $ 1000 due 1 week prior to arrival is required, please.

This bond will be released again 5 - 10 days after the check out date if no damage or other expenses as outlined below give reason for deductions.

Te Aroha Holiday Park is a quiet family Holiday Park. Any form of electronic music is prohibited day and night, unless it is played inside the guests room or car and can not be heard from outside.

Normal conversation amongst guests is accepted, however after 10 pm, this should not be audible outside the guests rooms.

In case of breaking the noise rule, guests will be asked to leave immediately. There is no deduction from the bond in that case, the guest simply will have to leave without any refunds paid out by the Holiday Park for early departure. In case of any other guest (not part of this group) asking for a refund due to excess noise this will be deducted from the bond . Where alternative accommodation has to be found for such guests outside the wedding party, full costs will be recovered from the bond.

Broken items will be listed at the time the breakage is notified or discovered by management and assessed for repair or replacement cost. The cost to cover breakages will be deducted from the bond and in case total amount of expenses related to claims exceed the nominated bond (of $ 1000) additional expenses will be recovered from the guest.

An inspection tour with management of Te Aroha Holiday Park at the time of check out will be carried out together with a nominated person from the wedding party who is authorised to sign a credit card which covers these additional costs for any damaged or broken property in or outside the rooms occupied by the party members.

We currently renovate communal toilets and kitchen building, resulting in limited number of cubicles and possible waiting times for shower use, our apologies.

Download the Te Aroha Holiday Park Compendium.

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